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Saving you time is our priority


1. Choose the Perfect Fabric and Styling Details

Premium fabric choice selection

High quality, "Limited Edition", DormuielVitale Barbaris Canonico, Marzoni and other Italian fabric to choose from 


2. Get Expertly Fitted

From the initial appointment and measurement to when a client finally claims his first Custom suit involves meticulous hours of hard work. Each suit takes at least forty hours of skillful handwork by our custom tailors and every part of the suit is fully adaptable to the client's specifications.


3. Receive Your Custom Clothing

Take home your new custom clothing after we make any slight adjustments to it. Receive hand matched recommendations for ties and accessories to perfectly compliment your new custom clothing.

Prices are determined by the fabrics and level of handwork used to construct the garments.

Our suits start at $850, shirts at $115, trousers at $225, and sport coats and blazers at $425 – with no additional cost for design aesthetics like hand-stitching, functional buttonholes or monograms.